Monday, October 4, 2010

A quick mock-up

Some progress has been made on the tear-down.

First, a quick mock-up to wet the palette. The rear cowl has been moved forward, which will require modification to the seat pan. This is also using the stock tank, which is kind of a worst case scenario. I'd really like to find a GS 450E tank from an '80 or '81.

I managed to forget to drain the oil up to this point, so that's next on the list.

Once the oil is drained, it will be time to pull the motor, then the wheels and suspension.

Then, it's a lot of cleaning, cutting, grinding and polishing.

Here she is after day two. I have shit tons of questions, but very few answers. Thank God for forums. As no one is actually reading this blog, I'm going to state my questions here for organizational purposes.

  1. In how many places does the wiring harness/electrical system ground to the frame? During dismantling I found a random green (ground) wire that looks like it grounded somewhere, and I believe it was in the gauge bracket, but I'm not sure.
  2. Can I create a custom bracket for the ignition lock cylinder and get rid of the ugly stock bracket (will be integrating the speedo into the headlight bucket and eliminating the tach)?
  3. What does the random bolt on the underside of the frame, just under the crankcase, do?
  4. How do I remove the speedo cable from the front rotor?
  5. How do I remove the tach cable from the engine?
  6. Is there a smaller, sealed, compatible replacement for my battery (that will still allow me to use lights & blinkers)?

Trying to stay organized.

Not sure if that fender is worth saving or not. One of the mounting tabs was broken and fell apart in my hands when I removed it from the forks. There are aftermarket fenders available, but I may be able to salvage this one.

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