Monday, October 18, 2010


Update: Unfortunately there's not a lot to tell. A lot of my spare time recently has been spent organizing my garage, getting my work space set up, and cleaning/polishing nuts, bolts and etc.

In order to fully break down the swingarm, I had to buy a hacksaw, to cut a section out of each of the swingarm bushings. With any luck, this will make them easier to remove. I'm still trying to work out how to remove the rear suspension bushings. Plus side - At least I got the swingarm collar out.

I'll be ordering my clip-ons and rear sets in just a couple of days. Their arrival will presumably bring more and better updates.

I was also able to get the covering off my seat, and the foam removed from the seat pan. What I found was fairly disappointing.

First, it's fairly rusted. Also, it appears that the previous owner affixed the old cover by snagging it over metal spikes that were poked out using an old can opener. It could be factory, but I have a hard time believing that.

The question for the seat pan has become, as asked by the Clash, should it stay or should it go now? That rust seems problematic.

Next on the plate:
  1. Get bushings out of swingarm.
  2. Order Clip-ons and rear sets.
  3. Make seat pan decision.
  4. Mock up.
  5. Get triple tree disassembled.
  6. Chop and grind frame down.
  7. Sandblast frame, wheels, swingarm, rotors, triple tree.
  8. Get crank case covers off the engine.
  9. Learn how to use all this polishing shit.
  10. Get a new, smaller battery and build a box.
  11. Rebuild front forks.
  12. Get a space heater for the garage.
That should just about cover it until I get some more scratch.

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