Thursday, October 14, 2010

Down time

Not much going on with the bike at the moment. I can't pick up any new parts for about another week, so I've just been picking up things I need for cleaning and polishing. I bought an angle grinder, but then had to return it when I read in the manual that it wasn't rated to cut metal. Might have been cool for the employee to tell me that when I bought it - along with ten cutting discs. I'll pick up a replacement for it today.

HD Theater began airing Cafe Racer last night. I was only able to get the first of two episodes watched last night, but it was great. Awesome to see the pics and footage from the old Ace Cafe.

Met a cool guy on a BSA Lightning Bolt last night after work. He ran out of gas alongside the highway, so I hooked him up with a gallon of super to get him home. I could see that he was wearing an Ace Cafe jacket, and he was about to start pushing his bike along the highway. Turns out he's a member of Oregon Vintage Motorcyclists, a group I've had lunch with and am thinking of joining. Hell of a guy. Hope to talk to him again in the future.

Anyways, to add some beauty to the page, this is similar to what he was riding.

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