Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Fuckity fuck fuck fuck.

Well, sadly I have nothing new to report, aside from the fact that there is nothing new to report. I've been waiting on my wife's dad for the welding portions, as I'm not setup to weld. He's become very busy with other projects and hasn't had any time. Subsequently, I'm looking for a local welder to help me out, but I also want to learn some things, so may take a couple of weeks to find someone.

On the bright side, I picked up an '82 GS1100 in good shape last week. I've already put 150 miles on it and it's fantastic. Power for days, smooth delivery and it's comfortable to ride. In short, I like it. I'd still like to get something more modern, and perhaps with a warranty, but for now this will do.

How it looked when I got it.

Holy Windshield, Batman!

Removed the windshield and replaced the handlebars with some euro superbike bars I had. This is how she sits now. I've since also removed the grab bar.

Almost a proper man-cave.

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