Sunday, November 14, 2010


After hours of grinding, everything is finally smoothed out now. Some time in the next few days, I'll take the bike over to the FIL's for welding and fabrication of some bits. After quite a few hours of cutting and grinding, I was starting to feel a little bummed about not being able to see a lot in the way of results, so I decided to take a look at those new clip ons and rear sets on the bike.

As I'm not set up to weld, I cut some pieces of wood to length then drilled two small holes in each (for some wire) and one larger hole in each (for the rear sets). I ran some wire through the wood then attached the wood to the frame with the rearsets already mounted to get an idea of how everything will look.

I like.

Notes: I'll have to modify the steering stops a bit. The bare clip-ons do not make contact with the tank, but the controls will. I've a couple ideas on how to do this already. I'll discuss them with Don (the FIL). Also, the top of the tree needs something. It either needs those useless tabs ground off, or it needs some type of plate over them. I already planned on running the neutral and signal indicators in the risers holes, but some type of plate could be added into that plan quite easily.

A quick idea, but more of a jumping off point.....

Could add some sections of rubber tubing as spacers, or could bend the plate. Not sure how to handle yet.

Going to fab some type of mount that will hold the ignition under the tank using the horn mounts, and will mount the horn elsewhere - perhaps under the back of the headlight bucket?

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