Friday, December 10, 2010

Here we go again

Okay. I have the next round of purchases figured out. To be bought with the next paycheck are:
  1. Harbor Freight welder, some wire and some practice materials.
  2. A used scroll saw and some extra blades.
  3. Carb rebuild kits and spark plugs for the GS.
  4. Sisal and Canton buffing wheels.
  5. Chemical gloves
  6. 09913-14511 (Fuel gauge set for float adjustments)
  7. 09900-20803 (tappet gauge)
  8. Suzuki fork oil #15
  9. Fork dust and oil seals
  10. Head cover gasket
  11. Breather cover gasket
  12. Gasket sealant
  13. New grips
  14. Oh yeah.....and a space heater
Once I've got all that in my hands, I can get to the fun stuff--

On the Pariah:
  1. Break down the front and rear wheels.
  2. Break down front forks.
  3. Remove engine side covers.
  4. Start polishing bits.
  5. Teach myself how to weld.
On the GS (No name yet):
  1. Drain and pull the gas tank.
  2. Check air filters. If they're not factory, replace them with factory (may involve ordering airbox).
  3. Tune up (Rebuild the carbs and inspect boots, replace spark plugs, change oil filter along with primary, secondary and final drive oil, flush brake fluid).
  4. Replace head cover and breather cover gaskets.
  5. Mask off everything but the engine.
  6. Paint the case, cylinders and heads black.
  7. Polish side covers.
  8. Sand outside of cooling fins.
  9. Rebuild front forks.
  10. Replace mirrors and grips.
  11. Check valve clearances.
All this should be starting sometime between the twentieth and Christmas.

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