Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Silence of the Swingarms

I finally removed the swingarm bushings.

I had to cut a couple (well, to be honest, a few) relief lines down the length of the bushings, using a micro hacksaw. The key here is to cut all the way through the bushings without cutting into the swingarm itself. To do this, I would run the end of a straightened paper clip down the length of the cuts. I could feel from the pressure on the paper clip what sections required more sawing and what sections were cut through to the swingarm. After two lines were adequately cut in each bushing, I removed the sections between them. Then, the bushings were flexible enough to compress, and could be tapped out from the opposite side of the tube using a punch and mallet.

Tools of the trade -

In other news, I recently picked up a 20 gallon, 4hp air compressor (used off CL) as well as some new power tools; A DeWalt angle grinder and Harbor Freight (cheapy) sawzall.

I've already started cutting the frame. With any luck, and a bit of determination, updates will start coming more frequently now.

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