Monday, September 20, 2010

Decisions, Decisions...

I attempted to clean my centrifugal oil filter this weekend while changing the oil, but no go. The right side crank case cover is stuck on the engine quite well. I'm curious as to what the previous owner used to seal the gasket, because the sealer he used is a different color from the Hondabond HT I picked up. I also wish I knew what to use to get that crank case cover off. Back to the forums I guess....I'm looking forward to getting all this knowledge stored away so I don't have to ask stupid questions of people....

On the bright side, I did get the oil changed, and while I had the exhaust off, I cleaned it up, and cleaned and lubed my drive chain. I've also tentatively decided the direction I'd like to take the build in:

Tank: 1981 GS450E, though it may be hard to find. I am determined, and have plenty of time (I'm starting the search now).
Seat: I'm going to modify the seatpan, making it a solo seat, and move the stock CJ360 cowl forward, chopping the fame in the back. I'll attempt to find a way to keep the tool compartment accessible. There is just something cool about having the factory tool kit.
I know for certain that I'll be going with a Benjie's headlight bucket with the integrated factory speedo. I'm going to ditch the tach, and place the neutral/signal indicator lights in the tree somewhere (perhaps in the riser mounting holes if I go with clip-ons). Still deciding whether or not I want to relocate the battery, as that would involve ditching the factory side covers and air cleaners, and going with POD filters. I'm not sure I'm up to the task of jetting.
Exhaust: Unless I find something better, scrambler pipes off a CL360. I basically just want the exhaust moved somewhere else. It's too much of a hassle to remove the exhaust to get to the oil filter. See above about pod filters.
Suspension: Stock front forks, but lowered 1", perhaps with a little bit of preload. Progressive rear shocks. Bronze swingarm bushings.
Color scheme: Two tone - dark grey and black, with the frame powdered in dark grey. Wheel spokes painted black, wheels chrome.

I'll decide on rear sets once I decide permanently on the handlebars. I like the CB400F bars, but might decide to use clip-ons. If I do, I'll probably pick up some Tarozzis.

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