Saturday, January 1, 2011


It's hard for me to believe another year has passed. My kids continue to get bigger and I continue to well......Swell.

Tomorrow morning a friend of mine is coming over to give me a crash course in welding. I've been holding off on starting until this, but have been watching some videos and doing some reading. I'm really looking forward to it. Also, since I had never tried my hand at polishing, and plan to do a lot on my CJ, I thought I'd try my start with the engine covers of the Suzuki. I wasn't really sure how well it would work out, and the Suzuki is my rider, so I started simple by wet sanding with 2000 grit and using some Autosol metal polish. It brought it back to what I'd call "close" to factory finish. I'm quite pleased with the results and feel better about doing it on the Pariah. I'm going to work on removing the engine covers tonight and will start polishing this week.

This is the before....

First cover done....can't stop now.....

A vast improvement.

A couple of them really need replacing, but they'll do for now. I'm starting to think that bike needs its own blog. But, hey, it's my blog. I'll do with it what I please.

New grips and mirrors. Engine covers polished.

Fork seals and head cover gasket are in the works for this one. After that, paint for the engine and tins and she's done.

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